what is a lift bed?

VOGA LIFT BEDS are composed of two (2) main components; a low profile wall mounted steel structure that attaches to a similarly minimalist bed frame. The wall frame houses a brushless motor that seamlessly and safely lifts your bed to the ceiling.

what does a lift bed do?

VOGA LIFT BEDS mechanically lifts your bed from the floor to the ceiling.

How safe is it?

An electromagnetic switch engages when the bed is in the ceiling position. As an added security measure, operation requires a removable key.

Is this bed suitable for my place?

The minimum ceiling height is 7'10”. The weight of the unit is approximately 350lbs, as such installation on metal studs only is not possible

The unit has a thickness/depth of approximately 14”


how much does it cost?

$7750 CAD plus installation but we are offering an early adopter discount!

What customization options are available?

Pretty well, whatever you can imagine, a foldaway desk, shelves, cupboards, etc. tucked between the frame. Any custom installed bulkheads with or without lighting to hide the bed when in the ceiling position. The installation process affords a great deal of creativity when it comes to integration into your home or office.

In stock we currently have Queen-size in white but other bed sizes and custom paint options can be arranged

What is the warranty?

The VOGA LIFT BED includes a 2 year international warranty against manufacturer defects. The unit has been tested to 1200lbs, You will always have us at KZT Sales & Imports (Based in Toronto), should you have any questions or issues.

does the bed require any maintenance?

No, it does not require any specific maintenance to keep your space clutter free and efficient for many years!

NOTE: The manufacturer produced video on YouTube show the legs requiring manual operation, the design has since been updated and now (dis) engage automatically.

Technical Documentation

Link to bed dimensions ( have extended length units that allow for an extra 20cm of height for a total of 8’ of under bed height)

Installation instructions: